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Transport Guide
Commuter Rail Service | Jakarta ↔ Bogor / Depok / Tangerang / Bekasi / Cikarang / Parung Panjang / Serpong / Tiga Raksa / Maja / Rangkasbitung.

Ticket fare Rp. 3,000 for the 1st 25km and Rp. 1,000 per each additional 10km thereafter.

Jakarta Commuter Rail Service

To ride KRL Jabodetabek Commuter Train, following options are available:

  1. Buy a single journey electronic ticket card (Tiket Harian Berjaminan) at the railway station of your departure. A Rp. 10,000 deposit will be levied on top of the fare you should pay. You will refund this deposit in your destination station at any ticket counter by returning the card to the ticketing officer or you can process the refund through C-VIM ticket vending machines if there has been such machines in that station.
  2. Buy a multiple journey electronic ticket card (Kartu Multi Trip) at the price of Rp. 50,000.- This card initially includes Rp. 30,000.- credit, can be topped up, and has no expiry date. For your convenience while travelling using KRL Jabodetabek Commuter Line, it is recommended that you keep the minimum balance of Rp. 13,000.- in your ticket card before you tap the card onto electronic readers as you enter the station platform through the Tripod Turnstiles. Top up is available at any stations’ ticket counter. Some stations also have provided C-VIM ticket vending machines for the convenience of passengers so purchasing new tickets or topping up become very easy.
  3. KRL jabodetabek also accepts BCA flazz , BNI TapCash, Mandiri e-Money, and BRIZZI. These are most widely used electronic money in Indonesia which among others can be used as electronic ticket for Commuter Train, Transjakarta BRT, Light Rail Transit, Mass Rapid Transit, etc.

Following are seven transit stations you may need to be aware if this is first time you travel using KRL Jabodetabek Commuter Train:

  1. Manggarai station – is main transit station serving:

  2. Jatinegara station – is terminus and or transit station for:

  3. Tanah Abang station – is terminus and or transit station for:

  4. Jakarta Kota station – is terminus and or transit station for:

  5. Duri station – is terminus and or transit station for:

  6. Kampung Bandan station - is transit station for:

  7. Citayam station – is transit station for:

KRL Jabodetabek commuter lines do not stop at following five stations:

  1. Gambir station – KRL Jabodetabek Commuter line do not stop at gambir station. Gambir station is terminus for executive and business class intercity trains to and from major cities in Java Island (Pulau Jawa).
  2. Mampang station – At the time this article is posted, KRL Jabodetabek Commuter line do not stop at Mampang station.
  3. Cipinang station – KRL Jabodetabek Commuter line do not stop at Cipinang station.
  4. Pondok Rajeg station – KRL Jabodetabek Commuter line do not stop at this small station.
  5. Gunung Putri station – KRL Jabodetabek Commuter line do not stop at this small station.

For easy reference, tabulated below are distances between major stations.

From To Distance
Bogor Jakarta Kota 54.8 km
Depok Jakarta Kota 32.7 km
Bogor Jatinegara 66.8 km
Depok Jatinegara 44.6 km
Bekasi Jakarta Kota 26.5 km
Cikarang Bekasi 16.6 km
Maja Tanah Abang 55.6 km
Rangkasbitung Tanah Abang 72.8 km
Tangerang Duri 19.3 km
Tanjung Priok Jakarta Kota 8.1 km
Nambo Duri 50.8 km

Available routes:

  1. Blue Line: Cikarang - Bekasi - Jatinegara - Manggarai - Juanda - Jakarta Kota.
  2. Blue Line via Kemayoran: Cikarang - Bekasi - Jatinegara - Pasar Senen - Kemayoran - Kampung Bandan - Jakarta Kota.
  3. Brown Line: Tangerang - Kaliders - Rawa Buaya - Taman Kota - Duri.
  4. Green Line: Rangkasbitung - Maja - Parung Panjang - Serpong - Tanah Abang.
  5. Pink Line: Tanjung Priok - Jakarta Kota.
  6. Red Line: Bogor - Bojong Gede - Depok - Cawang - Manggarai - Juanda - Jakarta Kota.
  7. Yellow Line: Bogor - Bojong Gede - Depok - Cawang - Manggarai - Sudirman - Tanah Abang - Duri - Kp.Bandan - Kemayoran - Pasar Senen - Jatinegara.
  8. Yellow Line Extended: Angke - Tanah Abang - Sudirman - Manggarai - Cawang - Depok - Citayam - Cibinong - Nambo.

Please click here for complete route map.

Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit:
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Jakarta MRT
Source: www.jakartamrt.co.id

Jakarta Airport Bus:
JA Connexion shuttle bus service operated by DAMRI, HIBA UTAMA, PPD, Agra Mas, and Sinar Jaya serving Soekarno Hatta Airport (IATA: CGK) ↔ Jakarta City Center, Bogor, Depok, Cinere, Parung, Bekasi, Cikarang, Karawang, Purwakarta, Tangerang, Karawaci, Serpong, etc.

DAMRI Jakarta Airport Shuttle Bus
Image Source: Wikipedia

Jakarta Airport Rail Link:
Soekarno-Hatta Int'l Airport abbreviated SHIA (IATA: CGK) Airport Train - an excellent alternative for passengers travelling between CGK Airport and Jakarta City Center as well as CGK Airport and Bekasi.

SHIA Railink Airport Train
Jakarta Airport Train

Jakarta Bus Rapid Transit:
Transjakarta BRT system serves transportation within Jakarta, and between Jakarta and adjacent cities of Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Tangsel, Bekasi.
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Transjakarta BRT - Jakarta Bus Rapid Transit
Transjakarta BRT

Jakarta Hop On Hop Off Tour Bus:
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Jakarta Hop on Hop off sightseeing tour bus
Photo by Gunawan Kartapranata / CC BY-SA 4.0

Royal Trans:
Premium bus serving Cibubur ↔ Blok M,   Cibubur ↔ Kota,   TMII ↔ Balai Kota,   Cibubur ↔ Kuningan,   Summarecon Bekasi ↔ Blok M,   Summarecon Bekasi ↔ Kuningan,   Jatibening ↔ Blok M,   Jatibening ↔ Kuningan,   Manggarai/Tebet ↔ Terminal Bekasi,   Kalideres ↔ Terminal Bekasi,   Cinere ↔ Kuningan,   Giant BSD/Serpong ↔ St. MRT Fatmawati,   Bintaro Xchange ↔ Blok M.

Jakarta LRT.

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